Our Blonde hair is sourced directly from Vietnam. These gorgeous bundles are handpicked and coloured by our vendor. Also are the blonde bundels in colour #613 single drawn.






How much hair is needed for a wig or sew-in?

2 bundles for lengths 10" to 16"

3 bundles for the lengths 18' to 26"

4 bundles for longer lengths for more fullness


Each bundle weighs 100 gram. This hair can last up to 7+ years with proper care and treatment.


Hair care:

- Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush from the bottom to the top.

- Wash the hair with shampoo (at least once a weak).

- Condition hair with. moisturising conditioner immediately after rinsing shampoo.

- Leave the conditioner in for approximately 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

- After conditioning hair rinse out the conditioner with warm water.

_ Apply moisturiser and little bit oil and let the hair air dry and style as desired.