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In need of extensions that match your own hair? What woman doesn't dream of having longer hair or giving her more volume?

Our tape-ins come in sets of 100 gr of natural wave in 40 pieces (other textures can be ordered Also are the hair raw one donor South-East Asian hairs and very light weighted. This hair can be straightened to bone straight or a bouncy look. 

If you want a result that is invisible and long-lasting, than our Tape-ins are the perfect solution for you!

When placing the Tape-ins purchased from us, a strip of your own hair is insulated. Tape-ins are suitable for creating a ponytail, center and or side parting. (we also offer the detaching service if the hairpieces are purchased from us)

Tape-ins are reusable. If the weft is not sticky anymore, you can also purchase our self-adhesive strip from us. These can be put on your wefts for you by Yayaa's Handtouch before your appointment. With tape-ins you run no risk of damaging the hair if applied correctly. This install can last 6-8 weeks with proper care.

The tape-ins can be easily removed with the help of our special solvent (see products).